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> Just brainstorming now... Providing generated images on the fly is not that
> radical, or hard with any PHP graphics library. We already convert and scale
> images and generate math. All mixin would have to do is create an image url
> that contains the colors and stops in its filename and call upon that URL in
> the generated CSS. Then the libraly generates and caches that gradient
> background image.

We could already embed SVGs in data: URIs directly in CSS and use whatever
variables we wish in them, but the problem here is the old browsers which don't
support neither data: URIs nor SVGs :) And this, as serving dynamic resources
is a lot slower than static resources, would mean another layer of caching, and
that would probably mean more cache invalidation mess on top of what we already
have. It would also probably mean more pesky configuration for the kind of
people and hosting setups who struggle with, say, getting MediaWiki to accept

Feel free to prove me wrong, but currently I think that dynamic generation of
graphics for skins, while definitely possible, is not something we would want
to do.

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