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            Bug ID: 61105
           Summary: Clean up the mess of my mass move of Tools access
           Product: Wikimedia Labs
           Version: unspecified
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User names whose tools access requests need to be fixed.

Recently, someone (well, actually two people) had used [[wikitech:Nova
Resource:Tools/Access Request]] to file their requests and in the effort to
correct this, I clicked "Move subpages (up to 100)" which was very, very wrong.

So I tried moving those 100 pages back, but had a off-by-one error on the first
try, which led to some pages being moved wrongly again, while the rest worked.

Now I'm stuck with lots of redirects in two groups:

a) Superfluous redirect rests (move A to B to A, B is no longer needed),
b) the redirects from my off-by-one move that block moving the access pages
back to their correct location (move A to B to C, then trying to move to A
gives an error).

I've carefully replaced all redirects that can be deleted with "{{deleted}}",
so someone with delete privileges needs to work the pages in [[Category:Page
deletion queue]] under [[wikitech:Nova Resource:Tools/Access Request]].

After that, the access request pages of 52 users remain to be moved to their
correct position (cf. attachment).  They need to be moved from (concat "Nova
Resource:Tools/Access Request/" (substring username 1)) to (concat "Nova
Resource:Tools/Access Request/" username).  Afterwards, the redirect rests have
to be removed as well.

And to check that all is fine, finally, for all pages in
[[wikitech:Category:Tools Access Requests]], check that the "User Name"
parameter in each page correlates to the page title.

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