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The function not defined may be a red herring.
The permalink to the post with it is[postId]=050feeb6ed311f2cb98d782bcb072868&workflow=050fede1069023bf2b5f90b11c2788f0#flow-post-050feeb6ed311f2cb98d782bcb072868

; load this alone and you get the error. Bug 59798 mentions that extension
CategoryTree inserts JS invocations of these missing functions.

But I can cause a similar JS error by inserting a call to <categorytree> in a
post, e.g.
, and when I do it it doesn't stop older topics from loading. 

 So perhaps MZMcBride included code in a different fashion, or it's some other
nearby post that's breaking pagination.

CategoryTree's ext.categoryTree ResourceLoader module isn't loaded on Flow
boards, this could be an issue with other extensions that insert script tags.

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