--- Comment #6 from FT2 <> 2010-02-10 18:11:57 UTC ---
(Copied from bug 21882)

An administrator who is blocked, should lose the use of most admin tools,
except perhaps the passive IP Block Exemption, and the ability to block and


Blocking admins happens very rarely, in general only when there is a concern
about present and immediate conduct, sysop account compromise and the like and
while waiting for the local temporary desysop process to be completed. 

When an administrator account is blocked, it seems illogical that they cannot
edit, but they can delete, undelete, protect, unproptect, view deleted
material, and so on. 

Admin tools are more sensitive and require more trust than editing tools. A
sysop account that is blocked, should lose the tool access until the matter is
resolved, subject to keeping IP Block Exemption (needed to post appeals or
responses) and block/unblock ability (for test purposes when an admin
self-blocks or their IP is accidentally blocked)

Misuse of the block/unblock tool will be noticed by the community and met by
the further step of removing that account's sysop access if needed, hence not
issue. It is easier to allow block/unblock on that basis than to figure what
unblocks they may need to do on various MW installations, to remedy a problem.

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