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I can't find any other way if we are to maintain support for IE 6-9 (and all
older browsers that lack gradient support). The IE filter is woefully
inadequate as it does not support stops and degrades font rendering to an
unacceptable level. Adding stops support for the IE filter would require
injecting additional divs, which is not possible in CSS/LESS, and limiting
mixin capabilities to match that of the EI filter is definitely not desirable.
The IE filter is simply not a viable option (which is why I think bug 61010
should be WONTFIXed).

A proper background-color fallback is the most feasable option. One problem is
that mixin assign the end color as the default background-color. When I wrote
[[en:Template:Linear-gradient]], I did the same (using startcolor), but later
removed it and required that a initial background-color be specified. I think
mixin should do the same. Otherwise, there will be a lot of duplicate
background-color declarations because the initial one will need to be

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