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> I can't find any other way if we are to maintain support for IE 6-9 (and all
> older browsers that lack gradient support). The IE filter is woefully
> inadequate as it does not support stops and degrades font rendering to an
> unacceptable level. Adding stops support for the IE filter would require
> injecting additional divs, which is not possible in CSS/LESS, and limiting
> mixin capabilities to match that of the EI filter is definitely not
> desirable.
> The IE filter is simply not a viable option (which is why I think bug 61010
> should be WONTFIXed).

I don't think this is the case. The filter does work, even if it isn't always.
Very few gradients need stops to render properly - the common use cases tend to
be things like page backgrounds and buttons, which are already simple and where
even if they do have non-default stops, the two colour, 0,100% gradients still
get across the general idea and look just fine in IE.

The font issues also appears to be limited to IE7/8, and nor will they make
text illegible there unless there is something else rather wrong with the
design, though less such text is still generally better. But not all gradients
will have text on them at all. Vector's do, but Vector is a single skin.

IE9 renders fonts normally, as does IE6, though this is probably because IE6
runs on a version of windows that doesn't actually have that fancy font stuff
in the first place.

If you can make some sort of automatic image thing, that could be a lot
cleaner, but I would argue that by IE standards, the filter is far from
inadequate, falling back to a solid colour in the meantime would be wholly
unnecessary for the majority of cases.

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