--- Comment #3 from Steven Walling <> ---
The biggest impact on the UI here is when the user has the two calls to action.
#mw-gettingstarted-editable-main-fix-pages tends to wrap, even to the point of
being pushed to a second line, even after we limited the button's width to

The Wikipedias that will soon have both CTAs, and where the worst wrapping
happens, is:

* ca
* de
* es
* fr
* ru
* uk 

I've attached screenshots of three examples to show you the varying degrees of
what can happen. 

Now, this technically isn't broken, since the user can scroll within the modal.
But that's a really crappy experience. If we continue to need to use fixed
width rendering, we should consider partially undoing the change that limited
the width even more (gerrit 110946).

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