--- Comment #4 from Peter Krautzberger <> ---
Just to check but this does not seem like a bug (or perhaps this has been

From what I can see, (on Wikipedia' sandbox) the math extension rejects <math>
\mbox{\actute{i}}</math> and <math> \mbox{\text{í}}</math> as malformed (as
Derk-Jan pointed out, that's correct behavior), and renders <math>
\actute{i}</math> and <math> \text{í}</math> as expected -- in both PNG and
MathJax output.

The only "problem" I can come up with is that MathJax would render something
like <math>\mbox{$\acute{i}\text{í}$}</math> whereas MediaWiki considers it
malformed. But that seems intentional.


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