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> > Why would the first be a WONTFIX?
> Because there are tools that are linked from every wiki page 

Blacklist them, then? has:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /~magnus/geo/geohack.php
Disallow: /~daniel/WikiSense
Disallow: /~geohack/
Disallow: /~enwp10/
Disallow: /~cbm/cgi-bin/

> and any spider
> accessing them brings the house down.  As tools are created and updated
> without
> any review by admins and wiki edits are not monitored as well, blacklisting
> them after the meltdown doesn't work.
> So unlimited spider access is not possible.

Nobody said unlimited. This works on Toolserver, it's not inherently
impossible. It's unfortunate that migration implies such usability regressions,
because then tool developers will try to postpone migration as long as possible
and we'll have little time.

> > For the second see the docs,
> Unfortunately, there is no specification for robots.txt; that's the core of
> the
> problem.

Not really, there is a specification but everyone has extensions. I meant
Google's, as I said.

> msnbot.  And the other spiders?  Will they read it in the same way or as
> "/"? 

You'll find out with experience.

> How do we whitelist "/?Rules"?

Mentioning it specifically, no?
However, while I can understand blocking everything except the root page,
whitelisting individual pages is rather crazy and I don't see how /?Rules would
be more interesting than most other pages. Horrible waste of time to go haunt
them, you could as well just snail mail a print of webpages on demand.

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