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> > That's why I asked you: Who postpones migration to Labs because of
> > robots.txt?

> Sorry, it's not my job to go ask dozens or hundreds of tools owners why
> they've
> not yet migrated their tools.

Then why do you claim that it is related to robots.txt?

> Missed this:

> (In reply to comment #5)
> > Why would we take that risk with only marginal benefit gained? [...]

> Ah, right, marginal benefit. I had forgotten that Tool Labs was only built
> as a
> monument to computer science; having people finding and using tools and pages
> useful for them is just an accessory, a marginal benefit.

This bug isn't about "people finding and using tools and pages useful for
them", but robots.txt.  If you want to increase the visibility of the available
tools at Tools, you can set up a mirror at a more prominent wiki very easily. 
The code for is at

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