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James suggested I tackle this bug. I messed around with the API for a little
bit and assuming I didn't miss anything:

I think that if we tried to fill out the 'blockedtext' message properly on the
client we'd have to:
* Query the API for the user's blockinfo to determine whether or not they're
blocked. If they are:
** Query the API for more info about this block which
meta=userinfo&uiprop=blockinfo doesn't provide but we need to substitute into
the message (expiry, user, timestamp).
** Query the API to parse the blockedtext message because it can't be done on
the client (even the default message includes stuff mw.msg can't handle)
** Substitute the data we have into the message (and we still won't have $3 -
the current IP)
*** Mess around with dates/times because they won't be in the right format.

Another way we could do this is return the full warning from
action=visualeditor&paction=parse (therefore adding no extra API requests)
which would cause the client to stop loading. I don't like this idea because
obviously that paction is not intended for checking this kind of thing...

Or we could ignore the core blockedtext message and use our own "Your username
or IP address has been blocked", possibly with the info that just
meta=userinfo&uiprop=blockinfo provides (block ID, performer, reason).

Or we could add a new API module/paction that can be queried once and provides
all the relevant info. I don't like this idea either but it seems the nicest.


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