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> The <poem/> tag usage on texts that does not contains poems, only the need to
> parse line breaks in a different behaviour, isn't the feature itself provided
> by the extension, only a very interesting side effect.

Please read the preceding comments in this bug report. The reason why this tag
is going to be made available under the name <lines> is to emphasise that is
not only used for poems, but for other texts that require the preservation of
line breaks. This is not merely a "side effect", but the key feature of this

> IMHO before merging Extension:Poem into core it firstly needs to addresses
> all
> expected behaviours in their original expected feature,

A merge of an extension into core, means taking the extension's existing
functionality, and placing it in MediaWiki core. It does not mean we add extra
features at the same time.

The Poem extension only provides poem-related (line break preservation)
functionality, so that is all that core is getting in this merge. This is not
the place to discuss other "original expected features".

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