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One possible workarround is appending   behind the equitation.

:<math>...</math> &nbsp; <!-- hard blank works around bug 61051 -->

But who removes the garbage, when 61051 is fixed? 

So what about a template that just delivers the hard space and can be cleanly
deployed and removed by bots?

:<math>...</math> {{Bugfix-61051|Don't touch, will be removed automatically if
and when...}}

Possible Contras:
* Deployment by bot would produce many instances that could affect the servers
* Bug will be fixed in short time, so don't mess around that much. It just
isn't worth the effort.
* Might collide with other bot jobs involved in the migration from version 1.1
to version 2.0.

* Workable plan to resolve the situation. 
* No garbage left over after jobs are done, if properly in concert with other
operations of the migration.

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