--- Comment #6 from Dan Garry <> ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> The namespace: thing is supposed to override the clicking.  Changing it too
> much is going to cause trouble with people that rely on it or the behaviors
> that stem from it (stuff like the prefix url parameter).  If we're going to
> change it I'd advise at a minimum the prefixes continue to override the
> "Content pages" tab.  It'd probably be safer for them to override all tabs
> but
> Advanced.

That makes sense. If someone goes to the trouble to manually configure what
namespace they're searching in, then types in "MediaWiki:Foo" as their search
query, they're not expecting search to override their manually selected
namespaces. In most other cases where they've not chosen their namespaces
manually, it makes sense for this override to take place.

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