--- Comment #4 from Moriel Schottlender <> ---
The problem is that the size widget constantly adjusts both values numerically,
so value "00" in the width is read as the number '0', which actively changes
the value in the height input (to 0). 

Now, since a change occurred in height, that triggers an automatic change to
width, which brings it down to the number 0.

We can fix this by not triggering the adjustment on keypress but rather when
you leave the input (so, onChange event) but that has several other issues it
may raise. For instance, what happens if I changed a width without moving away
from the input (technically no 'change' input event) and then clicked the
"Apply" button? The corresponding dimension didn't get updated, and while the
'change' event will trigger when I click the button (because the input loses
focus) it will be too late to notify the user of a changed dimension.

I am not sure how this can be fixed without removing the functionality of
updating both dimensions simultaneously. We should discuss this further.

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