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            Bug ID: 61251
           Summary: Spanish magic word for "raw" should have a trailing
                    colon (sinFormato:, sinPuntos:)
           Product: MediaWiki
           Version: unspecified
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List of "raw" definitions in other languages

The following is defined in /IP/languages/messages/MessagesEs.php:
    'raw' => array( '0', 'SINFORMATO', 'SINPUNTOS', 'RAW:' ),

The first two aliases are missing trailing colons. The line should read: 
    'raw' => array( '0', 'SINFORMATO:', 'SINPUNTOS:', 'RAW:' ),

There may be pages that are using SINFORMATO or SINPUTOS without the colon. I
would think that these pages are few and far inbetween because
{{sinformatoTemplateName}} is not legible. There do not seem to be any main
namespace pages in any es wiki that use this construct.[1]

The construct "{{raw..." can have two different behaviors:
- "raw magic word": {{raw:A}} will transclude the contents of Template:A
- "template named raw": {{raw}} will evaluate a template called Template:Raw

However, in MessagesEs.php, SINFORMATO and SINPUNTOS are defined without a

This would mean that the "raw magic word" behavior would have to be invoked by
the following {{sinFormatoTemplateName}}. Compare this to {{raw:TemplateName}}.
The absence of a colon would make the former hard to read.

This absence of a trailing colon is unique to MessagesEs.php alone. None of the
other 40 languages that override the default "raw" omits a trailing colon. See
the attachment: Messages_and_raw.txt

In addition, happens to have a template called sinformato:[2] Several pages actually
have {{sinFormato}} as the first line in the wikitext, which MediaWiki is
currently outputting as the literal {{sinFormato}}.[3] Although these appear to
be the only 10 pages that use {{sinFormato}} and each of the 10 can be edited
individually to use {{sin formato}}, the problem still remains that
{{sinformatoTemplateName}} is a construct that is illegible and prone to error.

[1]: The Main (0) and Project (4) namespaces of the following dumps were parsed
with XOWA:

2014-01-28    eswiki
2014-01-30    eswiktionary
2014-02-03    eswikisource
2014-02-01    eswikivoyage
2014-02-08    eswikiquote
2014-02-07    eswikibooks
2014-02-09    eswikiversity
2014-01-24    eswikinews

No occurrence of {{SINFORMATO}} or {{SINPUTOS}} (without a colon) were found,
except for those pages listed in [3]. This makes sense as
{{sinFormatoTemplateName}} would probably not be intuitive to many editors.

Note the following reservations:
- The XOWA parser is not the same as the MediaWiki parser, so it's possible it
may miss instances (I doubt it, but then again I am the XOWA developer.)
- Only pages in the Main and Project namespaces were scanned. Other namespaces
may be using the non-trailing-colon syntax
- Only pages in the listed dumps were scanned. Recent edits or history versions
may be using the non-trailing-colon syntax
- None of the pages in derived Spanish wikis were scanned ($fallback = 'es').
This includes the wikis in the following language codes: 'an'; 'arn'; 'ay';
'gn'; 'lad'; 'nah'; 'qu' 

[2]: Specifically, Plantilla:SinFormato redirects to

[3]: The following are the only known pages in namespace 0 of the 2014-02-03 dump:,_N°1ón_oblongoón_con_una_momiaítulo_de_tierras_de_Los_Llanos_de_Santa_Rosa

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