--- Comment #1 from Bryan Davis <> ---
[09:11]  <    bd808>     Sir_Designer_: Do you have any guess about how long
you had been working on the form before you hit submit when you got the missing
request token error submitting for a Scholarship? We see that error in the logs
several times per day and my only guess so far is that PHP has garbage
collected the server side session due to inactivity while the user is working
on their answers.
[09:12]  <    bd808>     I haven't had any reports of people not being able to
submit on retry so I haven't worked too hard to reproduce the problem. It is
annoying though.
[09:14]  <Sir_Designer_>     bd808 20 minutes with onr back as i hit return
inadvertently and it chided me that i did not finish
[09:14]  <Sir_Designer_>     gotta run.
[09:14]  <    bd808>     Thanks for the data. That matches my guess about
session garbage collection.
[09:14]  <    bd808>     I'll open a bug for next year :)

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