--- Comment #2 from Dan Garry <> ---
Verified this problem exists on my own install.

This isn't a major issue though, as it's mostly just cosmetic and doesn't cause
any loss in editing ability. Changing prioritisation and severity accordingly.

(In reply to comment #1)
> Just to make sure, when using the formerly blocked IP which is showing up as
> falsely blocked, when you go to the edit screen do you see a block notice?

I've seen this issue before myself on the English Wikipedia. People were
actively editing while appearing to be blocked. Then when I read the actual
block message, I realised the block it was referring to had expired. You could
even get it to display different block messages by browsing to different pages
in the contributions.

I highly doubt this is leading to people being incorrectly blocked, but I can't
actually verify that.

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