--- Comment #5 from Bawolff <> 2010-02-12 19:34:53 UTC ---
Ok, apparently bugzilla suffers from the same issue as mwdumper ;)

This is a unicode issue. If you remove the <Unicode character removed from
comment, lest bugzilla hate me> ( U+1D59F - MATHEMATICAL BOLD FRAKTUR SMALL Z -
however the article claims it to be U+1D537 which is MATHEMATICAL FRAKTUR SMALL
Z  but thats not what character is in the text. ) everything works fine. Since
its not chocking on more ordinary unicode characters, i imagine its something
to do with that character being a 4-byte character.

It also appears that this interacts with other stuff in the file, as it doesn't
cause the error by itself. 

Specifically entity references, seem to be what causes it to die after
encountering the unicode character. I think It interpert that & character as
starting as outside the tag name (hence starting a new tag, but & (aka U+0026)
cannot start a new tag). Newline characters may also have something to do with
it, as removing the newline between the unicode character and the & changes the
error message.

Changing summary to more adequately reflect what i think the problem is.

Attaching simpler test case.

Note also, that if you replace the unicode character with its entity reference
(&#x1D59F;), everything works fine.

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