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The bug in Flow is this:  When infinite scroll appends topics into the current
Flow board, any JavaScript errors in the HTML of posts that it inserts halt JS
execution and so the code to set up pagination of the next 10 topics isn't
executed. In more detail, the error occurs in paging.js click() > 
readTopicList() > done callback > $output.append( topic.rendered), and so the
rest of the done() callback doesn't execute. If the problematic post is on the
initial page load, the order of execution must be different.

One fix is to append the topic.rendered HTML in a try-catch block, and display
an 'Error loading topic _<UUID>(link)_: Exception' in its place. Another is to
reorder the done callback so that the pagination is added before appending
untrusted blocks of HTML, but that might lead to extra unwanted scroll events.

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