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As I mentioned in the comment above is is the {{Shared IP advice}}-template.
Here is an talk page which has the template:
Showing in the source as:

:''If this is a [[Network address translation|shared IP address]], and you did
not make the edits, consider [[Wikipedia:Why create an account?|creating an
account]] for yourself so you can avoid further irrelevant notices.''<!--
Template:Shared IP advice -->

This should always be located at the bottom of the talk page. If there already
is one in another header/no-one exist on the page, then a new one should be
placed as {{subst:Shared IP advice}} on the bottom of the talk page/current

Here is one talk page wich do not have the template:

and another which has the template but not on the bottom of the talk page:

If I remember correcly, I think that HG 2 did this (not sure!).

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