--- Comment #9 from Andrew Green <> ---
Just to elaborate a bit on what Sage said ^ , this issue came up with regard to
a notification in the Education Program extension.


In a nutshell, when the notification is triggered, the extension *does* send a
revid in the 'extras' parameter. Maybe I'm missing something, but the only
place I see in core to get to the title of a deleted article from the revid is

We could call that API using DerivativeRequest, but in addition that API checks
for the "deletedhistory" user right, not something a notification should try to
hack around.

We could also just access the archive table directly, but doing that in a
notification formatter would be ugly.

As far as I can see, there are two real options:
- Implement in core a simple interface for getting the last title of a deleted
article from the pageId. (Apologies if it's already there and I didn't see it.)
 Then add code to Echo for fetching a title object or title text if the page
represented by the 'title' parameter has been deleted.
- Make Echo store the title text somewhere in the notification, so that it can
be retrieved by a formatter if the page has been deleted.

These options have different implications with regard to performance and what
the user sees if a page is moved.

It's true we could implement workarounds, but I think a proper fix is Echo's
domain, with changes possibly needed in core depending on the approach.

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