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Problem with this is and other design decisions in VE is that the exception is
privileged over the most common situation.

In most cases, you really don't want the formatting to be copied over like that
when you're copying something from an external website:
* italic, bold: probably ok
* links: probably usually ok (and this is not really true, because manuals of
style usually say that external links should not be in the text of the article,
but as references or in an "external links" section)
* everything else: usually not ok (I would say 99%), and even when it seems ok,
it's not really a good idea. Why? Take the example of a different language: the
notion should be kept in the end, but all wikis I know have defined a {{lang}}
template to do that and discourage the use of <span lang="xxx">. And this is
true for many things: even the links/italics/bold for a reference are usually
handled by a template like {{cite web}} to have a consistent look&feel in

Copying from an other page of wikipedia is an other subject: for this, copying
the full wikimarkup would be usually good.

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