--- Comment #4 from Dominic <> ---
Right, you'll still have problems with user experience if all you do is just
uncollapse section 1.

Generally, the most important information, which a user expects to see unhidden
by default, is the list of definitions. The top-level section will be a
language header (like ==English==), but you'd still want to keep the less
important subheaders within that section, like Etymology and Translations
collapsed, or else it will drown out the more important info. I don't know if
there is currently any programmatic way to identify which header corresponds to
the part of speech (where the definitions are); here is the list of accepted
ones in en.wikt:
There needs to be some configurability for other Wiktionaries, too.

(In reply to Brion Vibber from comment #2)
> Wiktionary uses sections differently from everything else, it seems, and
> doesn't use the lead section as expected. :)
> Could probably make section autocollapsing into a site config variable and
> switch it off for Wiktionary, but I should warn that what Wiktionary really
> needs is a structured data backend and an appropriate query & display
> interface that's custom-done for a multilingual dictionary.

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