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(In reply to Nemo from comment #7)
> True. The reason is that it is unmaintained and non-functional and there are
> no plans to fix it:
> * bug 54197 is a critical bug, even though it was put a configuration patch
> on the specific case;
> * feedback is wasted time because users will never be able to see it, see
> bug 58956.

Certainly the extension is functional: it is possible to give feedback with it,
and to view the feedback given. You might have your own opinion about what is
the minimum acceptable level of functionality, but I don't see why you should
get to force it on others. The features you mention (auto-archiving and
watchlist integration) weren't even planned when many of the bug requests above
where made, so it is unlikely most wikis would consider their lack a

As for being unmaintained, it is a stable extension successfully deployed on
several high-profile wikis, which means there is no particular reason to expect
it would cause problems once it is not actively developed. And if it does cause
problems, it can be removed at that point - its data is kept separately and it
is not integrated with other functionality much, so it can be turned off at any
time without data loss. The majority of the extensions that are deployed on the
production cluster have the same status: they don't have any designated active
maintainer, they were written once by someone, successfully deployed, and after
that they are happily used as long as they don't cause problems, even if the
original author has long since left.

The history of the various projects tells us that different wikis have
different norms, needs and expectations, and a tool which is hated on one wiki
can be successful on another one (FlagRevs and LiquidThreads are two recent
high-profile examples). That AFT was not welcome by three large wikis (or not
welcome by the majority of the editors on those wikis, anyway) is no reason to
think that no other wiki will have a different opinion. Personally I would find
it infinitely disappointing if, after spending man-years on this project, the
Foundation would just throw it away when there are still projects interested
it, even though it might take at most a few hours of developer time to enable
and configure it on those projects.

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