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--- Comment #1 from Antoine "hashar" Musso <> ---
Both jobs above have been triggered by changes made against the deploy

The job is triggered by changes made against either parsoid or parsoid/deploy
repository. It fetches both repositories master branch and apply the patch that
triggered the job.  The src directory of the deploy repository is NOT used.

If one look at the full console for the job, a summary of actions is:

 Refreshing mediawiki/services/parsoid
 Your branch is behind 'origin/master' by 12 commits, and can be
 + git reset --hard remotes/origin/master
 HEAD is now at 028e9de Merge "Bug 61243: Catch errors sent by the Parsoid
server in roundtrip-test.js"

 Refreshing mediawiki/services/parsoid/deploy
 Applying patch refs/zuul/master/Z84552b78386c434d99b94f881fbe96dc

 + git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD
 HEAD is now at 77f4aaf... Bump src to 96c127472 for deploy
 Refreshing mediawiki/services/parsoid/deploy submodules...
 Submodule 'src' () registered for path 'src'
    4b751fd..028e9de  master     -> origin/master
 Submodule path 'src': checked out '96c1274722bce3b3326954b60cc65ec84c389cea'

You end up with the following hierarchy:

 /parsoid @ whatever master branch was at, i.e. 028e9de
 /deploy  @ 028e9de (which is patch
applied on top of master)
 /deploy/src Parsoid code @ 96c12747 (since that is what the submodule
configuration points to).

The tests are run using:

 node parsoid/tests/parserTests...

Which mean the Parsoid code being used is the latest from Parsoid when we
should test the one mentioned as a submodule :-(  That probably cause the
issues mentioned.

I have to write down somewhere the different use cases and find out what code
we actually want to exercice.

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