--- Comment #5 from Andrew Bogott <> ---
So... here's what I think is happening:

1)  Puppet can't run on instances in the 'nagios' project.  I think this is
because of a name conflict... there seems to be a new /etc/sudoers.d/nagios
file defined in production puppet which collides with the standard
/etc/sudoers.d/<projectname> sudoers file.  (All of this is speculation, I
haven't looked for the offending class yet.)

2)  Being unable to complete a puppet run, puppet.conf was never updated by

3)  #2 shouldn't have mattered because in theory our image automatically sets
up puppet.conf.  But the image was broken due to the issue fixed in

Which that fix, new instances now throw the following error, which is what led
me to speculate about step 1:

err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER:
Duplicate definition: File[/etc/sudoers.d/nagios] is already defined in file
/etc/puppet/manifests/sudo.pp at line 11; cannot redefine at
/etc/puppet/manifests/sudo.pp:23 on node i-00000a70.pmtpa.wmflabs

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