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CW = Cable&Wireless, acquired by Vodafone 2 years ago and serves as their
global carrier network, interconnecting all of the local Vodafones. They're
exclusively a carrier, carrying Vodafone India's traffic, which in turn carries
Gujarat Telelik Pvt. It doesn't make any sense to contact them as an end-user,
both because they're a large-scale carrier and because you're not a customer of

I can and will contact them (as we peer with them) but not without having data
that suggest a general rather than an individual problem from just one user.
There's ISPs' support desks for reporting individual problems. Either us or the
ISP can spot a general pattern and raise it with our respective upstreams until
we reach the problematic network.

Let's leave this ticket open in case more reports come in. If not, I'd suggest
closing it in e.g. 2 weeks time.

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