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I think this is technically 2 different bugs. Since we can't directly fix
either of them, I'm going to leave them together for the time being.

The first bug is that many of these combining characters don't seem to have
kerning pairs. So they look fine with a lowercase 'e', but if you pair them
with an uppercase letter like 'A', a wide letter like 'm', or a letter with a
descender like 'g', they render incorrectly.

The second bug is that the tie characters
( are placed incorrectly by
default. They are centered over the pair character instead of off-center, so
they don't perform the visual function of tying the pair character with the
character that follows the combining character.

If someone wants to upstream these bugs, the publisher of the font is Linotype
Design Studio GmbH, although I have no idea how you report bugs to them.

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