--- Comment #15 from Santhosh Thottingal <> ---
The table is from the output of mw.loader.inspect(). You can also run it from
your developer tools console of your browser.

But the result of that has a few caveats. ULS has to serve a small svg file(cog
icon) to UI. See

You can see the svg with 'embed' more than once. Also note that the
ResourceLoader module will have css  with the image data embedded. So the RL
module have  this repeated svg data at client side, it is an image, so it will
have some size. While calculating the module size, the total size is
javascript, css and this image data(potentially duplicated) at client side. But
what matters is bandwidth usage and in this case you will see a big difference
between actual bandwidth usage and the uncompressed RL module size at client
side. This is because the module is gzip compressed while serving. Gzip is
efficient in compressing the duplicated strings. In short, don't take the
output of mw.loader.inspect literally.

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