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Spaces and hyohens are too much! Actually we need to preserve word separators,
with the exception (tunable by language) of apostrophes which should be
considered either ignorable (when they are used as elision marks, most often at
end of words, which will be fused with the next word), or as significant
letters (when they denote a phoneme like a glottal stop; most ofen in leading
positions after a word separation).

So in English, French, Italian, the apostrophe is ignorable for collation and
plain-text searches ("its OK" or "it's OK" will match the same)

But in Napolitan (for example) there are distinctions between two types of
apostrophes: final elision and initial glottal stops, both may occur in a
sequence (and some Napolitan articles use the ASCII double quote (") for them
only to avoid the two quotes ('') being interpreted as italics in MediaWiki
syntax, when Napolitan wikis should have better used distinctive left and right
apostrophes to distinguish them. You can detect these unexpected double quotes
because they are surrounded by letters without any space on either sides.

But MediaWiki cannot currently work with ('') between two letters (without any
space on either side) as meaning two apostrophes (right apostrophe for final
elision, then left apostrophe for the initial glottal stop): it currently
always interprets them as the Wiki syntax for italics (single words that switch
between roman and italics in the middle are extremely rare, and if needed, you
could still insert a <nowiki/> before or after the Wikicode markup ('') to
restore its function as an italic style delimiter.

Partial work-around: articles can also use ('<nowiki/>') to separate the
apostrophes, but this does not work in contexts where markup is undesired (such
as page title names, or title attributes of elements), and users also cannot
use the ASCII double-quote kludge in these contexts, because both single and
double quotes can occur anywhere in plain-text. So they should use the left and
right apostrophes inserted of the ASCII apostrophe-quote and double-quote.

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