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So the certificates partially ship with nodejs, not the npm package.

Upstream nodejs takes care to backport these cert changes to v0.8, however the
slaves not only downgraded from v0.10 to v0.8 but also to an way older minor
release of the v0.8 branch.

There have been 24 (!) minor releases since v0.8.2, latest is v0.8.22.

In case this particular cert change can be mitigated by only upgrading npm,
I've done a manual upgrade of npm on the individual instances using npm itself:

 $ sudo -s
 $ npm conf set strict-ssl false
 $ npm install -g npm
 npm 1.1.39
 npm 1.4.3
 $ npm conf set strict-ssl true
 $ cd /tmp && mkdir foo123 && cd foo123
 $ npm install jshint

The jobs still fail after this because the new labs slaves are also missing

 $ sudo -s
 $ npm install -g grunt-cli

Note that I couldn't interact with npm the normal way because for some reason
/home is read-only on the integration instances (even in root, npm still uses
your original home as location to do some temporary work and caching).

Had to set `export HOME=/root` to bypass that.

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