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Global gadgets (like LQT 3.0) are just a myth, everyone has wanted (and has
been promised) global gadgets since at least 3 years ago. Let's not introduce
such off-topic tangents in serious discussions, it's only a way to antagonise
and polarise. From now on, forbidden topic on this bug.

I stand my point in comment 5, let's address one problem at a time. We
currently have users forced to manually set the same CSS/JS preferences with a
thousand edits, making that *1* edit will be huge progress. We've waited too
long for this, we now have a solution, let's please take the path of least
resistance and release it immediately. 
<obligatory victimisation>I'm sick of my scattered custom CSS, insanity
spreads; think of the children, who might be killed in a school shooting any
time, or whatever. We're in a War on Terror. Etc.</obligatory victimisation>

I disagree that enabling MediaWiki:Global.js/css is a clear WONTFIX, but I also
disagree that just because there is CentralNotice then this wouldn't change
anything, for a number of reasons:
1) CentralNotice, as a feature, has been enabled with global acquiescence if
not consensus (AKA unconditional surrender to fundraising);
2) it's not so completely trivial to inject any kind of CSS/JS via
CentralNotice, while every sysop knows how to do so in .css/.js pages;
3) it's not easy because it's clearly not its scope, so any sysop would think
about it very well before doing it and they would rather easily be spotted by
looking at the green rows on [[m:Special:CentralNotice]];
4) Meta-Wiki sysops (and stewards) are trusted and non-evil, no need to repeat
or prove it, but that doesn't mean mistakes don't happen, especially when
things are new: when I was a Meta sysop I had, for years, to informally
"police" CentralNotice usage in countless cases, but I'm *not* volunteering to
write the equivalent of [[m:CentralNotice/Usage guidelines]].
So, we'll have this configuration, default whatever, feature off on Wikimedia
projects; then, on the very day this is deployed on all wikis, start a
discussion/notification on [[m:Wikimedia Forum]] for switching it on.

Now after all this unnecessarily egotist rant please behave kids, all of you.

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