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> Described in the last line of comment #11.

The last line of comment 11 is:
> And gadgets are what? Saved in preferences. Hence we are where we were.

Sure, but most users and most wikis don't want or need an extra user preference
for this. These links are automatically shown based on user permission and
they're able to be hidden on a site-wide basis, on a per-page basis, and on a
per-user basis. I don't see a need for a user preference here. What's the
use-case, exactly? Why would a user want to hide these links for only their

Regarding gadgets specifically, a few wikis might create such a gadget, but I
doubt it. The overall MediaWiki experience (including that of most Wikimedia
wikis) will have less clutter. This seems like a win to me.

>> Out of curiosity, has this happened anywhere?
> Yes.

Where? Links welcome. :-)

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