--- Comment #8 from Nemo <> ---
(In reply to Nik Everett from comment #7).
> [...] 3.  Entirely self serving: given #1, the contents of the license take 
> up an
> awful lot of space for very little benefit. [...]

Is the RDF markup in the HTML also indexed, currently? That's a good part of
the HTML, a fee hundreds bytes like this:
    <p><span class="licensetpl_link"
style="display:none;"></span> <span
class="licensetpl_short" style="display:none;">CC-BY-2.0</span> <span
class="licensetpl_long" style="display:none;">Creative Commons Attribution
2.0</span> <span class="licensetpl_link_req"
style="display:none;">true</span><span class="licensetpl_attr_req"

Are those already ignored due to the display:none?

The rest of the license is indeed not covered by noprint, noclass or "Exclude
in print" :/, though a lot of stuff is on other projects, see e.g.

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