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> CC'ing Sean and Brad (database / login territory, though this is user
> renaming) - wondering if they can help (or know better-suited devs)

I see a log entry for the lock failure (dberror.log-20140203.gz on fluorine):

Sun Feb 2 12:35:26 UTC 2014     mw1083  nlwiki  RenameuserSQL::rename     1205    Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
(    UPDATE  `user` SET user_name = 'Wikix-oud',user_touched =
'20140202123435' WHERE user_name = 'Wikix' AND user_id = '9284'

Looking at the code, it seems that that failure was in the first SQL query for
the rename, and should have caused the rest of the rename process not to

The log entry that is showing up at
has a timestamp of 2014-02-02 12:35:50.

I wonder whether CaAl had accidentally hit the submit button twice, so the
first submission went through while the second timed out waiting on the first.

I also see that the account with user_id 9284 is currently named "Wikix-oud"
with a last touched timestamp of 2014-02-02 12:46:50, then there are also both
"Wikix" and "Wwikix" users. Both Wikix and Wwikix appear to have email
addresses set (slightly different ones) and validated. So the user should be
able to recover the password for the nlwiki Wikix account in the normal way
unless he no longer has access to that email address for some reason. Wikix-oud
has no email set, which I suppose is the reason for the rename in the first

SUL-wise, I see that the Wikix user is not attached to the global Wikix
account. Which is to be expected since nlwiki's Wikix was renamed and then
Wwikix was renamed into its place.

I don't know of any of that was helpful.

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