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Any statement express by one user is his personal statement. The authorities of
Bugzilla require a local consensus. Local consensus link is

There is no vote which oppose Nastaleeq or favoring Naskh. The authorities
should keep that consensus in mind while deciding. Hussaini Nastaleeq is
suggested by authorities of Bugzilla (Derk-Jan Hartman). We are happy to found
Hussaini Nastaleeq another free font. The size of Hussaini Nastaleeq 302 KBs
(Kilo Bytes) not in MBs. Authorities here are requested to finalized this
matter according to wishes of users who take part in consensus. Personally we
have checked the  Hussaini Nastaleeq with the help of CSS files. That looks
better. Hope authorties here will resolve this matter soon.

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