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> See Gerrit change #110832. This is the first step. 

Clearly not. But we can always use SkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec instead, so
it's not a big deal.

> Then to write a (very simple) extension

It wouldn't be quite that simple, but certainly possible.

I see three implementation paths here:

* Store data relating to additional links in a $wg configuration variable. 
  Inflexible - only server admins could change the "Complete list" link and
  its target, and which pages it appears on.

* Implement an extension that reads parser function syntax like
  {{extralanguagelink:meta:List of Wikipedias|Complete list|class=whatever}}.
  Definitely doable, but tricky and possibly overkill?

* Add (say) "listofwikipedias:" to the [[m:interwiki map]], and set
  "listofwikipedias" as an additional language link prefix, a la the proposed
  Gerrit change 111390. Then we can include an interwiki to
  [[listofwikipedias:]] on the Main Page, which would appear in the list of
  language links (the link text would be read from a MediaWiki: page). Least
  effort, but seems very unclean.  (Then again, Extension:RelatedSites is
  an example of a horribly unclean implementation that somehow got deployed
  on the WMF cluster, so there's a precedent...)

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