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From: Krinkle <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2013 07:45:32

I confirmed the server does have a `.password` file present for the pywikibot
software login process to pick up on. And it contains entries for both
CommonsDelinker and CommonsDelinkerHelper (both set to the same password).

However as both the public logs (, and a manual attempt by me
confirm, the password for CommonsDelinkerHelper is correct but CommonsDelinker
has a different password

Without this password or otherwise access to the account, I can't do anything.

I checked with Wikimedia to see what e-mail addresses these accounts are set
to. Turns out neither are set to ``.
User:CommonsDelinkerHelper has its CentralAuth account set to Bryan's personal
gmail address and User:CommonsDelinker is set to a generic gmail address for
the CommonsDelinker project.

Per Toolserver's "multi-maintainer project" features, I've set up a `.forward`
file in the home directory of the `delinker` account and added myself to it
(Siebrand, Bryan, feel free to SSH into Toolserver, `become delinker` and add
your `` alias to the `.forward` file).

I've logged into Meta-Wiki as CommonsDelinkerHelper and changed its
e-mailaddress to `` and the confirmation mail has been
delivered and dealt with.

What we need now is to figure out who and/or why the password of the
CommonsDelinker account was changed and update the file and/or for that person
to log in an change the address to `` so we get the
"Password reminder" mail and are able to change it to something we know and can
configure the bot the server to use when ran from Toolserver.

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