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From: Ilmari Karonen <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 17:31:51

OK, here's some quick fixes:

  * Filenames are normalized like in MediaWiki's Title::SecureAndSplit().
  * The first letter of filenames is treated case-insensitively by searching
for both cases, just in case (pun not intended).
  * The search form is prefilled according to the URL parameters.
  * If a filename was given and no results found, inform the user. If the
filename begins with "File:" or "Image:", suggest searching without the prefix
and provide an automatic link to do that.

I also made some smaller tweaks while at it:

  * The Content-type header is no longer set twice.
  * False values of the "replacer" URL parameter are treated like null.
  * The script name index.php is no longer hardcoded in links.
  * Results now show file and page names with spaces instead of underscores.
  * Results no longer prepend a colon to page names in namespace 0.

Improvements I did _not_ yet make in this version:

  * Provide paging links ("next N results") and searching by timestamp.
  * Load namespace names from TS DB instead of hardcoding them.
  * Fix the "max" drop-down menu so that non-standard values are not reset to

I put a temporary copy up at
for testing; it seems to work fine there.

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