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(In reply to Quim Gil from comment #9)
> Good that this report exists because I was going to file it for the same
> reason.
> If you go to, Commons, or Meta if you change the default
> English for, say, Italiano the MediaWiki UI will change but the language of
> the content will stay as is, even if a full Italian version is available.

Quim, none of these wikis has the LanguageSelector extension enabled, they have
the UniversalLanguageSelector (+ 1-3 other distinct language selection methods
at the same time in Wikidata, Commons and Meta). Translate's Special:MyLanguage
already selects target page language based on interface language, so this can
be broken down into:
* automatically redirecting to the translation page in interface language when
selecting language with ULS (ULS bug probably not filed);
* allowing links to keep the content language constant disregarding interface
language (e.g. it->it links under en interface): bug 57603;
* a general solution for content language switch, possibly as part of the
compact interlanguage links in sidebar: current [[mw:OPW]] project by Niharika.

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