--- Comment #15 from Quim Gil <> ---
After a short conversation with Pau, we agree that there are multiple problems

* The links to existing translations and the call to translators should be part
of the same object. We need a design for this. Pau has a draft (where?).

* The current text could be shortened, or even limited to a minimal but
meaningful expression. There is already a tab for "Translate", there is already
a link to "English", there is already an indicator of completion.

* The list of languages visible by default could be shortened, see
(co-mentored by Pau)

* The position of that object in the page is unclear. I proposed under the
sidebar, since this is where interwiki links sit now in Wikipedia et al. Maybe
a new location is proposed in the future? Even if it would stay near the title,
it could be aligned to the right (left in RTL), not to be so much in the way
like now. In any case, I would propose to place it wherever interwikis are
located for consistency, but I'm happy with any better solution.

As a side effect, this solution would avoid the fact of having to add
<languages /> manually to pages. Is there a reason to have translations of a
page and not wiling to offer links to those translations? Is there a bug report
about this open already?

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