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I have written svg-sieve a script that does what bug 4688 suggests, select
which layers to display, and by extension, bug 16052, select messages in a
particular language.

Principle: If a top level SVG group is tagged with a label contained in a
matchlist, its visibility is enforced (< g style="display:) and the group is
copied as is to standard output (flush), together with non grouped code. Else,
the group is removed from the stream (purge).
The script is extensible (open ended) to other tags to identify the layers.

Full code and examples to play with @
See comments in the source.
Brussels-municipalities.svg  is the source file, made with Inkscape, and the
other svgs are generated samples.
Please note in the unimpressive source svg the warning message indicating that
the image is not final.
svg-sieve -d all    to test the inline example with debug.
svg-sieve -d ma -l Ixelles,language=ru,names=ru Brussels-municipalities.svg >
add   -d mi   to discover the layers.

A patch exercising svg-sieve from wiki syntax would allow running it on a test

I am presently busy elsewhere, but I would try to run back asap if interest

What about this bug title?
Allowing selecting SVG layers with Image parameters, including multilanguage

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