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(In reply to Michael Zajac from comment #34)
> (In reply to Daniel Friesen from comment #32)
> > That doesn't look like proper use of the header element to me.
> It looks like a valid use to me. 
> Does header break anything on MSIE 7 or 8?

Perfectly valid, even exemplary, use of <header>, but I'm not sure it buys us
anything toward resolution of #11555. I'm unaware of any effect this would have
on the accessibility or usability problems of the [edit section] links not
being part of the <h#> headINGS.  Unless I've missed something, <header> is not
a semantically required element to put around <h#> headings, nor even a useful
one unless there's a specific purpose in mind for doing so, and that purpose is
supported by user agents or likely to become supported by them.

I would side with the argument that use of <header> in this case would actually
at least be semantically useful for server coders and site implementors, though
probably not at all for end users (readers, wikicode editors). Regardless, it
won't resolve this bug.

That said, I have not been keeping up with what screen readers are doing with
HTML5.  Their support for would-be-accessibility-useful features of HTML
4/XHTML 1 and CSS 2 was so awful, I'm not sure I can bear to go see what the
developers of such projects are willfully ignoring this time around...  But
maybe I'm wrong and HTML5 <heading>s are all the rage in screen readers and
other agents.

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