--- Comment #12 from physikerwelt <> ---
(In reply to Antoine "hashar" Musso from comment #11)
> > 1) \Coppa\coppa\varcoppa  unrecognized
> > I think this requires an extra latex package
> I have installed texlive-latex-recommended which seems to be the one used in
> production. Might need something else?
> Apparently \Coppa was added by
> for bug 27754.
> The commit message mention texlive-lang-greek which is not installed :/
If you look at the output it seems that this is the only pacakge which is still
missing. Only 5 of 478 test failed
> We are also missing dvipng
Why do you think so?
> In production the dependencies are provided by wikimedia-task-appserver
> which we can't install because it provides a bunch of packages we dont want
> (e.g.: php-apc).
> On Jenkins slaves we would want to add: dvipng texlive-lang-all . Should be
> done in modules/contint/manifests/packages.pp
Yes. I hope texvlive-lang-all includes teubner.sty
> > 2) I could not find a way to remove the lik to the old parser tests.
> > 00:02:10.855 The data provider specified for 
> > MathParserTests::testParserTest is invalid.
> > 00:02:10.856 Couldn't open file 
> > '/srv/ssd/jenkins-slave/workspace/mwext-Math-testextensions-master/extensions/Math/mathParserTests.txt'
> If those are no more valid, I guess we want to delete the file
> mathParserTests.txt and unregister it:
>  $ git grep mathParserTests
>  Math.php:$wgParserTestFiles[] = $dir . 'mathParserTests.txt';
>  $
Ah thank you. I just deleted everything but the test that tests math in HTML
comments. However, I think that is unrelated to the math extension and should
be moved to another place were parser tests are done.

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