--- Comment #3 from Vincenzo Laudizio <> ---
Possible fixes in the attached files. Below a short description: 

1) To find a solution, I tried to replicate the error by using the postgres
client (psql).
Since the semantic_drilldown_values and the semantic_drilldown_filter_values
are temporary tables, i created them on the fly before performing the offending

    CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE semantic_drilldown_values ( id INT NOT NULL );

    CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE semantic_drilldown_filter_values AS SELECT
    s_id AS id, o_ids.smw_title AS value FROM "smw_di_wikipage" JOIN
    "smw_object_ids" p_ids ON "smw_di_wikipage".p_id = p_ids.smw_id JOIN
    "smw_object_ids" o_ids ON "smw_di_wikipage".o_id = o_ids.smw_id
    WHERE p_ids.smw_title = 'Simple_title';

I even changed the NOT operator in the offending query by using the one 
allowed in postgres:

    SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT FROM semantic_drilldown_values sdv
    LEFT OUTER JOIN semantic_drilldown_filter_values sdfv ON = WHERE ((not ((sdfv.value IS NULL) OR (sdfv.value = '') OR
    (sdfv.value = '0') OR (sdfv.value = '1'))));

If I perform the query into psql, I get no error:

    (1 row)

Going over many possible solutions, the one working was to modify the offending
query in the SemanticDrillDown extension code (SD_AppliedFilter.php file) in
order to skip the blank string check.
But in this way, I'm not sure if the patch fits the expected SemanticDrillDown
behaviour. Is there a way for keeping the blank string check?

2) Postgres does not allow the slash escape by default. As a workaround the
postgres configuration can be modified by changing the following property in
the postgresql.conf file:

    backslash_quote = on          
    standard_conforming_strings = off

Unfortunately, the mediawiki overwrites the standard_conforming_strings value
(as stated in the includes/db/DatabasePostgres.php file):

    $this->query( "SET standard_conforming_strings = on", __METHOD__ );

To solve this problem without changing the mediawiki core file, I modified the
SD code (SD_Filter.php file).
My changes are simple: the special character quote is replaced with a double
quote sequence when postgres is the database.

Since the mediawiki code has several utility methods for managing databases
differences, I suggest to start using them within the SD code (if possible).

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