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Usually I use preview to see if my links work, to see if my link-text is done
right (Is it target|name or name|target? I always forget), etc.

This preview doesn't do that. Half the tricks used in the sidebar don't work in
regular pages, and they don't work in preview either. Stuff like the * SEARCH
gizmo and all the naked (bracketless) thing-url|thing links. That's a syntax
entirely foreign to me, and I can't use it on another page to test it out.

The behavior I'd expect is that, when previewing the Sidebar page, the links in
the preview would render exactly like the links in the actual sidebar. Or the
preview function would actually put my content in the physical sidebar, and
just show some lorem-ipsum text, or the edit box, in the main section of the

To clarify further: In the screenshot, you see in the actual sidebar, the text
"front page (blog)" is a link. But in the preview pane, the text "front page
(blog)" is not a link, it's just useless text hanging off the side and it looks
like I did something wrong. There's no way to know that it'll actually become
the link text without trying it, and that means the preview isn't doing its

If you want a better view of the troubles I was having, diff some of the
trainwreck that is and
witness my confusion! I forgot some separators, certain links don't work
without title text, all sorts of stuff I couldn't tell was broken in the

As for the version, I just discovered Special:Version, and it reports 1.21.1. 

Thanks for taking the time to look into it, and putting up with my noobish bug
report! :)

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