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--- Comment #1 from Chad H. <> ---
Confirmed this earlier today after chatting with some people. This is really

Here's what we're pretty sure is happening (need to confirm that):
- Cirrus is parsing the JS page even though it shouldn't.
- Since it's being treated as wikitext and being parsed, we're getting weird
results when we hit a header tag in Javascript (in this case, no parseable
closing tag)
- We generate bogus sections as a result that shouldn't go anywhere

We should (in no particular order):
- Check content handling to make sure CSS/JS pages aren't getting parsed like
- Make sure core Special:Search is not being insane when given obviously bogus
sections. See also bug 59717 where lsearchd is giving us bogus section titles
as well

There's a second bug (but might just be a symptom of this bug) in that we see
two distinct titles (vector.js and Tools.js) but they've got the same section
name (which only exists in the former).

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