--- Comment #22 from Philippe Verdy <> ---
In my opinion; each web site should configure itself its own remote backup
solution; this is independant of the web hosting or DN hosting: the backup is
compeltely hidden to visitors and it's up to you to configure it privately.

Of course you may backup your site to WMF servers (on WikiTech&Labs?), but for
most frequent usage you'll want to create a first level fast backup using a
more local server (and then send a compressed protected archived to USA).

Note that your wiki ''may'' also contain private data that you don't want (or
cannot legally share to US without users consent, or some legal data required
in your country, including tax forms or local billings for your hosting or
credit reports from your bank) so this backup to US may require you encrypt
this archive before sending it remotely. But all this will never concern
visitors of your site.

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