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It's just the _ in the user name -- we determine user names like this:

       if not self.nocapitalize:                                               
                                                          if user:
                user = user[0].upper() + user[1:]                              
                                                           if sysop:
                sysop = sysop[0].upper() + sysop[1:]    


and compare that to what the API returns (which is a capitalized-or-not name
with spaces, not underscores).

The better solution would be to either
a) normalize the username (with a Page object -- which I guess is OK because
Page objects are used more often in Site)
b) comparing the usernames with site.sametitle (which currently does not take
underscores into account, but should)

Marking as 'easy' for anyone willing to pick up option a)

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